WoW - Remembering Burton

My darling girl,

The first person to ever know you and now be on the other side of heaven is our church small group friend, Burton.  He was part of our group for only about four weeks, but he was a great addition to our group, as he was a man of God and relatable to all of us in different ways (in the A/E industry with me, nature-oriented like your dad and Than, GA Tech grad like a handful of others).  He was a healthy, active individual and avid kayaker (with several kayaking recognitions to his name), and had an incident in which he drown.

We mourned the loss of our new small group member, partially for who we knew he was, but also for the unrealized potential we had in this new friend.  I tell you all of this so you are sure to treasure all friendships and relationship for what they are, and also to value individuals for who they are - as is quoted in our church regarding each member of the body of Christ:
There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nati…

WoW - To my grim-faced girl

My darling girl,

I shall not post this until our gender reveal party in a few weeks, when others will celebrate that you are indeed who you are!
I'll keep it simple and short.  If a man ever sees you while you are thinking, sad, or otherwise do not have a giant smile on your face, and he insists that you put a smile on, you tell him this: SCREW YOU.  Don't actually say that, say something to that effect in a loving, Christian, but firm way.  There is no reason you should have to smile just because a man thinks you should.  Of course, this applies mainly to strangers and acquaintances; sometimes maybe your dad or uncle or friend will see you are bothered, and just want you to be happy.  But otherwise, screw the mindset that women need to be and look happy all the time.  Some of us having a resting b*tch face, after all.  Nothing wrong with that.  Are you thinking about something serious?  Well, your face is allowed to reflect that!  Are you sad?  Well, instead of telling you t…

WoW - Appreciating Kindness and Forget the Rest


Right now at 16 weeks pregnant, I have consistently craved one thing: potatoes.  Mash 'em, boil 'em, stick 'em in a stew (by the time you're reading this, you must know this movie reference, or else your dad and I aren't doing our job).  Many a night I lament not having the time, energy, or ingredients to make myself some fresh mashed potatoes.  (Your Aunt Sarah made some first class mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving this year - sour cream and cream cheese... YUM.)
Anyway, your father is very aware of this craving, and one night when I voiced my craving for potato chips, he got up a few minutes later and was working away in the kitchen.  I didn't think much of it, but then maybe 15 minutes later, I got curious.  Right as I asked what he was doing, I realized - he was making me homemade potato chips!  It was so very thoughtful, and not even requested; the best kind of surprise!  So that night at 9pm I enjoyed my own homemade potato chips and loved your…

WoW - True Strength

I often think back of my year in Americorps with fondness.  Sometimes I need to remind myself of that, actually, when I feel behind in my professional career because I took that year 'off.'  One aspect of this year that I've been able to carry forward, however, is the leadership and development training we went through.  We learned how to classify ourselves (and therefore our daily construction volunteers) into 4 different learning categories - the end goal of which was to understand how to lead them most effectively in the task at hand.

Another training that seems fairly common, but was new to me at the time was the privilege walk.  Everyone in the group, and we were from fairly diverse backgrounds, would be required to take a step ahead if they received a certain privilege in their upbringing (i.e. their home contained at least a few dozen books; this is apparently proven to be indicative of a more stable home by some measurements); or, if you've had certain setback…

Baby #1

I found out 10 days ago that I am PREGNANT.  In a morning daze I remembered that, according to my fertility app, I was supposed to start my cycle that day.  So I grabbed a test and lo and behold - it was positive!

The first 'baby reveal' I remember was Becky on Full House making baby-sized food for Jesse to hint at her big news.  I've also seen some YouTube videos where the woman reveals she is pregnant in fun and surprising ways.  But Jon was right there!  So I just showed it to him and that was that.  I have seen Jon emotional just a few times; a couple when we were in a fight, once when his precious dog, Sadie, died, and then in this moment.  So sweet.

Since 10 days ago I have told one friend, mostly so I could get advice on what doctor to go to.  We are actually her son's godparents, so it worked out well telling her and consequently her husband.  It's really challenging not telling people, though.  I already feel like it's a good excuse.  "I can'…

When you work for Jesus, there are no menial tasks.

I received the following in an e-mail from the Navigators 20's ministry this morning.  While I have been blessed with a great job since being unemployed several months after grad school last year, it is a good reminder still of what we are called to - whether in a dream position at a prestigious firm, working our way to the top yet wondering our greater purpose, or still in anticipation of a big break - those of us who follow Christ must at our core be servants as He was.  I think this can relieve pressure and provide joy in pleasing the only One whose opinion truly matters.

Maybe you can relate. Finishing college, I considered myself God’s gift to the working world. But graduation came and went with no job offers. Despite my impressive GPA and numerous honors, two years and many job applications later, I remain underemployed. You know the questions I hear: “When are you going to find a real job?” “You went to college for this?” Adding to this external pressure, I face an internal…

Introducing Zinnia

Last Saturday I officially became a cat owner. Meet Zinnia.
Zinnie is a petite dilute calico, full of chirps and an appetite for wet food.  She also likes to snuggle (on her own terms, in the true feline fashion).  I have been wanting a cat of my own for years and, with my recent move to Atlanta, I found myself delving into the adoption process after looking cats up one random evening, and did not stop until I found "the one."  After seeing cat after cat and receiving numerous hints and words of wisdom (the cat will choose you, you will just know, etc.), I was torn between emotional exhaustion, and anticipatory endurance and hope that I would, indeed, find the one.  And throughout the process I had plenty of moments of going 'macro,' as a friend describes it.  There were so many kitties, and yet I could only help one.  The situation is therefore hopeless!  And the only reason I am feeling bad right now, I thought in that time, is because I am actively seeking a cat, an…